Classes for Parents


Boot Camp for New Dads
Are you ready to be a Dad? New babies don’t come with an owner’s manual.  Breastfeeding, diaper changing and dealing with mom are all new experiences for first time fathers. Spend one 3 1/2 hour workshop with dads who bring their own babies to practice with.  You will leave feeling confident in your ability to be a great dad.  In addition to the program for dads, experienced or veteran moms and moms-to-be (wives or partners of the dads participating)  are invited to attend a separate discussion group, on the same day. 

Infant Care, Safety & Prevention
Are you interested in learning infant CPR, car seat safety, and other preventative safety precautions? Then plan on attending Infant Care, Safety and Prevention.  This class is designed for Mom’s and Dad’s together and is held after Boot Camp, following a short lunch break.  (Participants are not required to attend Boot Camp)